Product Review (March 2013)

Accell Corporation
Home or Away Power Station

By Kevin Nakano

Accell - Home or Away Power StationTraveling these days requires a lot more than packing your clothes. Often times my gadget checklist is longer than the other essentials needed for a trip. Like most people, I feel the need to be completely wired while traveling and planning for a trip means packing a whole lot of adapters and cables for phones, computers, tablets, media players, and other devices. Once you get to the hotel, there is usually a limited number of usable outlets available. Often I find myself using outlets in not so convenient places such as a back wall, behind furniture or even in the bathroom.

Accell just made it a whole lot easier with their new Home or Away Power Station Travel Surge Protector featuring dual USB charging ports. Not only does this one device provide three grounded outlets, but also two USB ports (2.1A, shared power) for charging your favorite devices. In addition, the unit provides 612 joules of surge protection to all connected devices and is available in both white and black (MSRP of $19.99).

Home or Away Power StationFoldable grounded power plug
Unlike most compact power adapters, the Accell Home or Away Power Station features a foldable grounded power plug - something I have never seen on a product featuring a 3-prong plug. The compact design measures only 2.3"W x 4.3"H x 1.4"D, making it ideal for travel.

The three "transformer spaced" outlets are far enough apart to allow for larger power adapters to be plugged into the unit without obstructions. The unit is rated for 120V, 15Amps (1800 Watts), offering much more capability than what most users will need. Unfortunately, the unit is not designed for 120-240VAC, so it cannot be used in some countries overseas.

The green LED on the front provides visual feedback to the user that the connected equipment is protected. Better yet, Accell offers a 5-year, $100,000 limited warranty for connected equipment.

Home or Away Power StationTesting
We tested the Accell Home or Away Power Station with a set of personal electronics, which would be typical while staying in a hotel. The photo shown here has AC adapters for a computer, camcorder, and dSLR battery along with two USB connections to an iPhone 4 and an Android Galaxy Nexus. As you can see there is plenty of room for the large AC adapter to mate to the receptacle. Even the rather large and bulky Canon adapter has no problem plugging into this adapter. The USB ports are placed in a perfect spot away from the other adapters, making them easily accessible. The design was well thought out and works great. Here is an amazing example of five devices connected to a single outlet. Brilliant!

The Accell Home or Away Power Station is a practical product that provides both convenience and protection for your valuable electronics. The integrated USB charging ports offers additional value and extended capability. For less than $20, Accell provides a great compact solution to an all-too-common problem during travel.

- Kevin Nakano

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Review at a Glance

Accell Corporation - Home or Away Travel Power Station


  • Electrical Rating: 120V, 15Amps, 1800 Watt
  • Maximum Energy Dissipation: 612 Joules
  • Grounded Outlets: 3 - Accepts Polarized Plugs
  • USB Ports: 2 USB-A
  • USB Ports (Shared Power): 10W, 5V, 2.1A Maximum
  • Spike Voltage: 6000V, Current: 3000V
  • Surge Protected Indicator: Green LED
  • Power Plug: Folding, 3 Prong (Grounded), Non-Polarized
  • Product Dimensions (approximate): 2.3"W x 4.3"H x 1.4"D

Company Information

Accell Corporation
3400 Gateway Blvd.
Fremont, California 94538
Tel: 510-438-9288
Fax: 510-438-6775
Support: 510-438-9288

Product: Accell Home or Away Power Station - 3 Outlet Travel Surge Protector
Part Number: D080B-010K (White), D080B-011K (Black)

MSRP: $19.99
Source: Manufacture supplied


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