Product Review (October 2014) - Amzer®
CRUSTA™ Rugged Case Blue on Blue Shell
with Tempered Glass and Holster

By Kevin Nakano

OtterBox 3G iPhone CaseAMZER Crusta™ is not just another smartphone case, but a design that offers four functional layers of high quality materials to provide protection for your phone. Crusta™'s four layer protection is a result of months of research & development with actual users. The case not only protects your smartphone, but offers a nice selection of (42 total) color combinations. What makes Crusta™ unique is the Kristal™ Tempered Glass Screen Protector with 3D Bevelled™ edges. This glass is superior to plastic screen protectors in that the feel is smooth to touch and the surface is bubble-free when applied properly.

I recently replaced my Otterbox Defender case (which I really like) with this one and I have to say that this protective screen on the Crusta™ is superior for both durability, usability, and readability thanks to the tempered glass design. I have been using this case for several weeks now and it has proven to be a practical design that works very well. Like the Otterbox Defender, the outer shell increases the overall size of the phone to provide protection from impact. The outer case style is more utilitarian, but does the job.

4-Layer Protection
's 4­layer protection consists of an embedded tempered glass hard shell case, tempered glass screen protector, textured finished TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) ring, and a 360 degree functional belt clip holster. The front glass offers high grade scratch and impact protection (rated 8H) with an unmatched touch experience. The OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) ensures high resolution clarity while offering a bubble-free interface to your factory phone screen. To prep the screen, an alcohol based clean wipe is provided as well as a dry cloth for cleaning the phone screen surface. Once the screen is clean a sticky lint remover is applied to the phone screen to remove any remaining particles. The tempered glass screen is then applied to the phone screen and now you have a clean layer between the factory screen and the protection screen. In my installation it worked beautifully with no particles caught between the two surfaces resulting in a bubble-free interface. I cannot tell the difference between my original screen and the protected screen. In addition, the feel of the protection screen is smooth when using the phone.

Port Access
The Crusta™ has a top cover for the headphone jack protecting it from contamination. The bottom also has a cover to protect the charging/USB 3.0 interface from the environment. I found that the bottom cover can be a bit annoying when also trying to open the factory cover as both have to be moved to get the cable mated to the phone.

The design of the Crusta™ is a slightly different approach from what we have seen from other companies, but still does a great job of protecting your valuable phone from physical damage while on the go. The screen protection is by far the best feature for me and it is difficult to go back to the cheap plastic screens protectors found on other cases. The Crusta™ is competitively priced to other premium cases on the market and is well worth it.

- Kevin Nakano

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Review at a glance

Amzer® CRUSTA™ Rugged Case Blue on Blue Shell


  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • TPR Dust Plugs
  • Embedded Tempered Glass Back
  • 6 Feet Drop Proof
  • 42 Stylist Color Combinations
  • Textured TPR Ring
  • Holster with Belt Clip

Company Information
12610 West Airport Blvd., Suite 120
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
Phone: 866-663-2693

Part Number: 300028 (Blue on Blue)
MSRP: $49.95
Source: Manufacturer Supplied


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