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  • Advanced Audio Inc.
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  • Ambrosia Audio & Video
  • Audio Basics
  • Audio Best
  • Audio Concepts - Store 1
  • Audio Concepts - Store 2
  • Audio Den
  • Audio Enthusiast
  • Audio Haven
  • Audiomax
  • Audio Specialist
  • Audio Video City - Store 1
  • Audio Video City - Store 2
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  • Beau Sejour Furnishings, Inc.
  • Brooks Berdan Ltd.
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  • Xerocomm Audio

  • We published the first directory of Southern California audio dealers back in August of 1988, and the second one in January of 1991. For every three letters we sent out to dealers from the 1991 list, two came back indicating the store was no longer at that address and that there is no forwarding address. Similar results occurred between the first and second edition. And, just as before, the most recent EIA Consumer Electronics Group statistics states, on the contrary, that the sale of audio products continues to be on the rise.

    Obviously, consumers must be getting the bulk of these wares from department stores and large "mid-fi" chains such as Circuit City and The Good Guys. If you know exactly what you want, it is not impossible to find some good components at these department stores and chains. But much of their merchandise is quite mediocre--and they receive more than enough publicity in the local papers. Accordingly, this directory focuses on the high end, where salespeople know their products better, can make wiser recommendations, and can provide you with decent demonstration facilities.

    "High end" is a term made popular by The Absolute Sound. It is often used to describe very expensive audio and home theater equipment. However, we believe it more accurately describes equipment that is designed for the audiophile consumer seeking maximum fidelity over all other considerations (e.g., features, cosmetics) at a given price point. The dealers listed in this directory carry components that share this design and marketing bent.

    In compiling this directory, we gleaned every source we could think of and wrote to every single dealer in the area that we knew of. This list is by no means exhaustive, however. If we've missed any dealers that desired inclusion, please let us know and we'll include the information in an addendum.


    12668 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604
    Tel: 818-762-1501, Fax: 818-752-9709
    Tu-F 11-7; Sat 10-6; Sun 11-5

    Aerial, Audible Illusions, Audion Silver Nights, Benz-Micro, Blue Oasis, Cary, Densen, Dodson, Esoteric Speaker Products, Fadel Arts, Forsell, Gold Aero, Graham, Highwire, Hovland, Joule Electra, Klyne, Lennart Anderson Audio, Lindsay, McCormack, Meadowlark, Micromega, N.E.W., Mesa Engineering, OCM/Belles, Sonic Frontiers, Sound-Lab, Speaker Art, Swans, System Audio, Unity Audio, VAC, Well-Tempered, and Whatmough.


    215 W. Mission St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101
    Tel: 805-687-3338, Fax: 805-687-3537

    Speakers: Wilson Audio, B&W Speakers, MartinLogan
    Electronics: Krell, conrad johnson, Plinius, Arcam, Denon
    Analog: Basis, Benz Micro, Graham Engineering, Clearaudio, Rega, Magnum Dynalab
    Digital: dCS, ReQuest
    Video: Dwin, Panasonic, Hitachi
    Control: Crestron
    Power & Cables: Kimber Kable, Transparent, Shunyata


    9605 Venice Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232
    Tel: 310-558-0716

    Audio Alchemy, Creek, Densen, Grado, JoLida, Myryad, Nordost, Rega, Spendor, Sumiko, System Audio, Ruark.


    7428 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036
    Tel: 323-939-8081 or 323-931-8873, Fax: 323-937-7285
    M-F 11-7; Sat 11-6

    Athem, Arcam, Auton Lifts, Audio Technica, Artisan, Audioquest, BDI Furnishings, Bell’O, Benz Micro, Bill Bags, Bowers & Wilkins, Chief Mounts, Clearaudio, Crestron, DVDO, Elan, DefinitiveTechnology, Da-Lite, Draper, Furman, Gallo, Grado, Jolida, JVC Projectors, Krell, Lovan, McIntosh, Marantz, Middle Atlantic, Monitor Audio, Monster Power, Musical Fidelity, Music Hall, Musical Surroundings, NAD, Niles, NHT, Nuvision, Paradigm, Peachtree Audio, Premier Mounts, Projection Design, PS Audio, Rega, Rotel, Salamander Designs, Samsung, Sanus, Sennheiser, Sim2 Projection, Sonance, Sonos, Stealth Acoustics, Stewart Filmscreen, Sunfire, Triad, Universal Remote Control

    Services - installation.


    2337 Roscomare Road, Suites 6, 7 & 8 Bel Air, CA 90077
    Tel: 310-440-5522, Fax: 310-440-5526
    M-Sat 10-7

    Angstrom, Arcam, Arms & Tables, Atlantis, Audio Alchemy, Audiolab, Audio Matiere, Audio Points, Balanced Audio Technology, B&K Components, Bedini, Billy Bags, Benz-Micro, Cable Jackets, CEC, Clean Line by VansEvers, Crown Jewel, Discovery, Dunlavy Audio Labs, EAR, Electra Clear, Encore, Equi=Tech, Etymonic Research, Fanfare FM, Faroudja, Fusion Designs, Gallo Acoustics, Golden Tube Audio, Grado, Graham, Immedia, ISF (Imaging Science Foundation), Jeff Rowland Design Group, Magro, Marigo, Meridian, Museatex, NHT, Pioneer Elite, PSB, Proton, Resolution Audio, Rotel, Shakti, Shun Mook, Solid Steel, Stand Design, Stewart Filmscreens, Sumiko, Sunfire, Tara Labs, Target, Townsend, Transparent Cables, Vibraplane, Vidikron, Von Schweikert Research, Wheaton Triplanar, Zoethcus

    Services - custom installation, including installation of dedicated lines; original stands and racks designed by Ambrosia Audio & Video.


    976 West Foothill Boulevard, Suite 139 Claremont, CA 91711
    Tel: 909-593-9946, Fax: 909-593-1411
    By appointment

    Linn products and several others; turntable and analog specialists; surround sound consultants; used equipment.


    2411 South Joel Drive Rowland Heights, CA 91748
    Tel: 909-861-5413
    Evenings & weekends by appointment

    Specializing in high performance audio equipment; surround sound/home theater systems, and karaoke systems.


    7246 North Rosemead Boulevard San Gabriel, CA 91775

    a/d/s/, Audio Alchemy, Audio Control, Alpine, B&W Rocksolid, NAD, Lexicon, McIntosh, Mitsubishi, Phase Tech, Polk, PSB, Tributaries, Vidikron, and Yamaha.

    Services - custom installation of home audio and home theater systems (California-licensed contractor since 1975).


    6236 East Pacific Coast Highway Long Beach, CA 90803

    a/d/s/, Audio Alchemy, Audio Control, Alpine, B&W Rocksolid, NAD, Lexicon, McIntosh, Mitsubishi, Phase Tech, Polk, PSB, Tributaries, Vidikron, and Yamaha.

    Services - custom installation of home audio and home theater systems (California-licensed contractor since 1975).


    8101 Orion Ave #9
    Van Nuys, CA 91406
    Phone (818) 781-4700
    Fax (818) 786-4521
    Hours: M-F 9am to 5pm, SAT 10am to 4pm, SUN closed

    (California Contractor's License No. 540161)

    AUDIO: Arcam, B&K, Classe Audio, Creek, Denon, Imerge, Marantz, Music Hall

    VIDEO: Draper Screen, DWIN, Fujitsu, Marantz, Mitsubishi, SIM2 (Seleco), Stewart Filmscreen, Samsung

    SPEAKERS: B&W, Joseph Audio, Martin Logan, Sonance, Stereostone, Triad, RBH

    CUSTOM: Acoustics First, Active Thermal Management, Cinema Tech Seating, Fortress Seating, Lutron, Matrix Audio, Niles, Russound, Sonance, Xantech

    REMOTE CONTROLS: AMX, Home Theater Master, Marantz

    ACCESSORIES: Audioquest, American Recorder, Audio Technica, Bello, BDI, Chief, Grado, Kimber Kable, LAST, Monster Cable, Nitty Gritty, Nordost, Premier, Raxxess, Senheisser


    4719 Elkridge Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275-3901
    Tel: 310-541-8177; Fax: 310-541-8177

    Web Site:
    By appoinment

    Nestorovic, Herron, Hovland, PSE, Klyne, Berning, Amazon/Euro, Immedia, Basis, Merrill, Analysis Plus, Dimarzio, Fadel, Audience, Koetsu, Clearaudio, Dodson, Graham, Morch, Creek, Epos, Bright Star, Fusion Research, Magnum Dynalab, HSU Research


    1050 East Imperial Highway, Suite C-2&3 Brea, CA 92621
    Tel: 714-529-5634, Fax: 714-529-5707
    Tu-Fri 11-6; Sat 11-6; Sun 11-3

    Audible Illusions, Audionote, Avalon, Cardas, Classe, Conrad-Johnson, Gallo, Golden Tube, Grado, JPS, Kuzma, Mapleshade, Marantz, Martin-Logan, Micromega, MIT, Muse, Nakamichi, Paradigm, Spectral, Spectron, TARA, Von Schweikert.


    P.O Box 16782 Irvine, CA 92623-6782
    Tel: 714-363-8054
    Show Room By Appointment Only.

    Authorized dealer for: Voce Divina, Merlin Music Systems. Monitor Audio, Musical Technology, Alchemist, Bright Star Altair, Copland, Mesa Engineering, AudioPrism, Light Speed Audio, JPS Labs, Atlantis, SanusSystems, Bello'getti, and more accessories.

    Web Site:


    13251 Ventura Boulevard #D Studio City, CA 91604
    Tel: 818-995-8648, Fax: 818-995-8647
    M-Th 9-6; Fri 9-2

    Specializing in repairing quality vintage audio equipment; Factory-authorized for Grado. B&W Audio Research KEF Celestion, Infinity, Harman Kardon, JBL, Rotel, NAD, Mcintosh, Nitty Gritty, and Thorens.

    Web Site:

    AUDIO VIDEO CITY - Store 1

    3201 Wilshire Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90403
    Tel: 310-453-5355, Fax: 310-582-2222
    M-F 10-9; Sat 10-7; Sun 11-6

    a/d/s/, Audioquest, Acoustic Research, B&K Components, B&W, Bell'Oggetti, Billy Bag, Boston Acoustics, Citation, Denon, Pioneer Elite, Fosgate, Infinity, Kenwood, Linn, Monster Cable, Nakamichi, NHT, Niles Audio, Proton, Sharp, Sony, Sony ES & XBR, Stand Design, and Velodyne.

    Services - laserdisc sales and rental; in-home professional designers and installers; financing; drop off for repair service on all products carried.

    AUDIO VIDEO CITY - Store 2

    10814 Jefferson Boulevard, #R Culver City, CA 90230
    Tel: 310-838-8889, Fax: 310-838-9648
    M-F 10-9; Sat 10-7; Sun 11-6

    a/d/s/, Audioquest, Acoustic Research, B&K Components, B&W, Bell'Oggetti, Billy Bag, Boston Acoustics, Citation, Denon, Pioneer Elite, Fosgate, Infinity, Kenwood, Linn, Monster Cable, Nakamichi, NHT, Niles Audio, Proton, Sharp, Sony, Sony ES & XBR, Stand Design, and Velodyne.

    Services - laserdisc sales and rental; in-home professional designers and installers; financing; drop off for repair service on all products carried.


    Sales & Marketing: DEREK VANDERHORST
    Phone: 323.397.1222

    Engineering & Design: WILLY VIDELA
    Phone: 818.370.9278



    6930 Valjean Avenue, Suite 205 Van Nuys, CA 91406-4747
    Tel: 818-782-1676, Fax-On-Demand: 818-988-0256
    By Appointment, M-F 11:30-7; Sat 10-4:30

    AMC, Arcici, Audio Alchemy, Audio Power Industries, Bedini, Bright Star, Discovery, Gallo, Grado, JM Lab, JoLida, Micromega, Purist Audio Design, Quatre, Rega, Von Schweikert Research

    Services: Affiliated with The Audiophile Network BBS.


    1832 South Sepulveda Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90025
    Tel: 310-477-3069, Fax: 310-444-5560
    M-F 9:30-6; Sat 12-6 and by appointment

    Specializing in the design, build, finish, and installation of custom furniture and cabinetry; Special: see article on Beau Sejour in the June 1995 issue of Audio Video Interiors.


    110 West Olive Avenue Monrovia, CA 91016
    Tel: 626-359-9131, Fax: 626-359-8830
    Tu-Fri 12-6; Sat 11-5

    Jadis, Wilson Audio, Vandersteen, Audio Physics, Music Reference, Cardas, Audioquest, Muse, VPI, SPJ, Benz-Micro, Lyra, Sumiko, Rowland, Angstrom, Bright Star, Graham, B.E.L., Golden Tube, Fanfare, Eminent Technology, McCormack, used equipment, and new and used records

    Services - specializing in the set-up and calibration of analog playback systems.


    Casey Design Custom Woodwork specializes in audio / video and home theater cabinetry . Casey Design's website includes important general information on wood, finish, how to commision work, samples, galleries, and more. Steve Casey designer / craftsman has been providing the Los Angeles area with fine custom woodwork since 1978.


    12401 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite #101 Los Angeles, CA 90025
    Tel: 310-826-8286, Fax: 310-826-8577
    Tue-Fri 10-5, Sa 11-5, Su/Mo by appointment


    Aragon, Audio Access, Bagend, Bay Audio, Cardas, Definitive Technology, Dwin, Integra, Integra Research, Mark Levinson, Martin Logan, Onkyo, Proceed, Revel, Rti, Runco, Stewart Screen, Transparent, Tributaries, VTL, Wadia & Wilson Audio.

    Services - Custom design & installation for high-end music system, full home theatre and home automation.


    7261 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406
    Tel: (818) 994-5252, Fax: (818) 991-1233
    Tue-Fri 10-5, Sa 11-5, Su/Mo by appointment



    For more information, detailed portfolio, customer testimonials and
    consultation please contact us.

    Services - Home Theater, Audio Distribution, Security Systems, Lighting Control, Home Automation, Home Networking, and Structured Wiring.


    2901 West 182nd Street Redondo Beach, CA 90278
    Tel: 310-371-0019, Fax: 310-371-2208
    Tu-F 11-7; Sat 12-5

    A.D.A., Aragon, Acurus, Citation, Energy, EAD, Elan, Infinity, Jamo, JBL, Kimber Kable, Marantz, Monster Cable, Proton, PSB, Sonance and Stax.

    Services - installation, service, automation, and home theater integration.


    17602 East 17th Street, Suite 106 Tustin, CA 92680
    Tel: 714-544-7903, Fax: 714-544-0757
    Tu-F 11-6; Sat 10-6; Sun 11:30-6

    Acurus, Adcom, a/d/s/ Multiroom, Airtight, Ampro Video Projectors, Aragon, Audio Ease, Audioquest, Audio Research, California Audio Labs, Day Sequerra, Definitive Technology, Fanfare, Krell, Krell Digital, Lexicon, Magnum-Dynalab, Meridian, Mesa, Mike Moffat Labs, Niles Audio, Ocos, Pioneer Elite, Pioneer Video, Proton Video, Purist Audio, Sonus Faber, Wilson Audio, Sony ES, Sony Video, Sound Anchors, Sumiko, Theta, Thiel, Transparent Audio, VAC, Velodyne, and Vidikron

    Special - wide collection of compact discs; consultation, design, custom cabinets; licensed construction and installation for audio or home theater (Contractor's License No. 556897).


    8717 Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90211
    Tel: 310-659-3416, Fax: 310-659-8325
    M-F 11-7; Sat & Sun 12-6

    "Imager" loudspeakers and electronics, DWIN Projection TV; Services - design, manufacture and installation fo custom audio and video systems; specializing in home theater; professional repairs and modifications on all quality stereo components; Digital City boasts that they have the largest selection of audiophile CDs and LPs in California.


    Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
    Web Site:

    - Custom Home Theater

    - Audio/Video Media Servers
    - Multi-room Systems
    - Home Networks
    - Home Automation
    - Lighting and Communications
    - Custom Remote Controls
    - Security Systems

    Elite Home Theater Architects is a company formed by executives from the computer and consumer electronics industries to bring you the finest technology to enhance your home and multimedia lifestyle. Our motto of 'exceptional personal service' comes from our founder and president Gregory Kalsow. His vision and passion for excellence drives everyone at EHTA to deliver each custom installation with the care and craftsmanship you expect. Our solutions do not simply coexist with your family, but rather become part of the rich fabric of relaxation and entertainment within your home. No matter if you choose to proudly display, or to conceal your individually designed system, the finishing touch is our custom programmed remote control, with a user interface personalized to fit your unique lifestyle like a finely tailored suit.


    5236 Colodny Drive, Suite 101 Agoura Hills, CA 91301
    Tel: 818-879-1312, Fax: 818-879-0416
    Web Site:
    M-F 10-7 (closed 1-2); Sat 10-4

    AMC Electronics, Ampro, Angstrom, Apollo, Audio Alchemy, Audio Magic, Audioquest, B&K Components, Barco, Billy Bags, Bright Star Audio, Citation, Dwin, Faroudja, Fosgate (Citation) THX, Kimber Kable, Kinergetics Research, Panamax, Proton, Rapid Scan, Sennheiser, Signet, Spica, Sonic Purity, Stewart Filmscreens, Sunfire, Target, Tice, Triad, Vutec, XLO, Yamamura Systems, and YEM

    Services: - "buyers' club"; consultation and installation for home theater; seminars on home theater and audio seminars; monthly newsletter.


    204 South Beverly Drive, #111, Beverly Hills, California 90212
    Tel: 310-274-9393 , Fax: 310-274-5995
    Web Site:

    Runco, Faroudja, Snell, JBL Synthesis, Sfuturehometheateronance, a/d/s/, Lutron, and Crestron


    2695 Bayshore Avenue Ventura, CA 93001
    Tel: 805-658-8311, Fax: 805-658-8395
    W-Sat 10-4 by appointment

    Creek, Dynaco, Epos, Music Reference, Naim Audio, Quad ESL-II, Rega, Roksan, Rotel, Spendor, and Target.


    16163 Lake Forest Drive Suite L, Irvine CA 92618
    Tel: 949-727-3700, Fax: 949-727-3777
    Tu-Fri 11-7; Sat 12-5; Sun & Mon by appointment

    Adcom, Linn, McIntosh, Proceed, Marantz, Paradigm, Pioneer Elite, Rotel, Runco, Snell, Sonance, Vandersteen, and Velodyne.


    1254 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91106
    Tel: 626-577-7767, Fax: 626-584-6994
    Web Site:
    M-F 10-6; Sat & Sun 11-5

    Audio Research, Audioquest, Avia, B&K, Billy Bags, Bryston, Celestion, Chang Light Speed, Classe Audio, Clements, Draper, Grado, Lovan, Magnum-Dynalab, Magro, Marantz, Mark Levinson, Martin-Logan, Mirage, Mitsubishi, Nakamichi, Niles Audio, Panamax, Proceed, Room Tune, Rotel, Sound Dynamics, Standesign, Sumiko, Tannoy, Tara Labs, Theta Digital, Thiel, Transparent Cable, and VPI.

    Services: Full service center for high end audio and VCR repair, upgrades and modifications, design and installation of custom theater and music systems, audiophile records and CDs. Established in 1977 by Cal Tech students.


    7650 South Greenleaf Avenue Whittier, CA 90602
    Tel: 310-698-6103 M-F 10-5; Sat 10-4

    McIntosh (established in 1955).


    "Enhance Your Lifestyle"
    Custom Home Electronic Systems

    Address: 1304 N. Highland Ave., Ste. 231
    Hollywood, CA 90028

    Office: (323) 284-5580

    Description: HOLLYWOOD HI-FI specializes in enhancing lifestyles and homes with Electronic Living Solutions. Our solutions integrate home entertainment, systems, and services to create a custom user experience featuring performance, functionality, control, and style.


    312 South Catalina Avenue, Suite B Redondo Beach, CA 90277
    Tel: 310-372-3243, Fax: 310-374-1694 M-F 9-5

    Mitsubishi and Pioneer Elite; Services: Sales and installation of full home theaters, including large screen TVs, VCRs, sound systems, cabinetry, satellite dishes, remote controls and lighting.


    13761 Stampede Circle Irvine, CA 92720
    Tel: 714-857-0808, Fax: 714-857-1695
    Daily 10-6
    Web Site:

    Green Mountain Audio, High Wire Audio and Sound Bar.


    5121 Santa Fe St. Suite A
    San Diego Ca, 92109
    Tel: 858-490-1244,
    Fax: 858-490-1249
    Web Site:

    AMX, Audiocontrol, B&K, Bay Audio, Energy, Escient, DVDO, Genelec Integra by Onkyo, Niles Audio,M&K Speakers, Meadowlark, Middle Atlantic,Owens Corning, Onkyo, Panasonic Phone Systems, Phast, Pro-Ac, Rane, Runco, Stewart Filmscreens, Triad,Vantage, Zenith Inteq and many more. Services: Sales, design and installation of custom theater and music systems, CCTV, lighting control systems and easy to use control systems.


    1735 S La Cienega Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90035
    Tel: 310-837-3995
    Fax: 310-837-8327
    Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm
    Web Site:
    Bell’o, LG, NAD, NHT, Omni Mount, Panasonic, Phoenix Gold, Pioneer, Pioneer-Elite, PSB, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Zenith


    215 West Mission Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101
    Tel: 805-682-7575, Fax: 805-687-1979
    M-Sat 9-6

    a/d/s/, Altec Lansing, Audioquest, Audio Research, B&K Components, California Audio Labs, CWD, Eclipse, Eminent Technology, Madrigal Audio, Marantz, Music Reference, Niles Audio, NPI, Paradigm, Proceed, Monster Cable, Nakamichi, Pioneer Elite, RAM Labs, Rockustics, Rotel, SAS, Snell, Sony, Sony ES, Soundstream, Sumiko, Stewart Filmscreen, Vandersteen, and Vidikron.


    26705 Via Marquette. Lomita, Ca. 90717
    Tel: 310-534-3043, Fax: 310-534-3081
    By appointment only
    E-Mail: T of

    Services: Design and Installation of Audio/Video systems including: Home Theater, Whole House and Automation, Restaurant and Nightclub Audio/Video, Conference Room and Presentation Systems. DSS and DMX (Digital Music Express) satellite systems. Telephone and Security, Audio/Video switching for instore displays. AC-3 upgrades for most laser disc players.


    522 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Tel: 310-393-HIFI or 310-393-4434
    M-Sat 11-6 by appointment

    Audible Illusions, Audioquest, Audio Research, Benz-Micro, Billy Bags, Bright Star Audio, California Audio Labs, Eminent Technology, Fanfare, Grado, Graham, JM-Lab, Magnum-Dynalab, Nitty Gritty, Oracle, Rotel, Spica, Sound Anchors, Sumiko, Theta, Vandersteen, Versa Lab, VPI, and Wheaton Triplanar.


    Not Recommended due to POOR Customer Service


    A/V System Design Consultant

    Tel: 805-490-0745

    American Recorder, Atma Audio, AtmaTec, Audiosource, Aurum Acoustics, B&K, Billy Bags, Brillian, Channel Plus, ChannelVision, Denon, Draper, DVDO, EKSC/Eagle, Equi-Tech, Faroudja, Fujitsu, Gershman Acoustics, Harman Kardon, John Huff, LG, McCormack Audio, Monitor Audio, NEC, Niles Audio, Nu-Vision, Onkyo, Optoma, Panamax, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Plateau, RBH, Russound, Samsung, Scenium by RCA, Sharpvision, SIM2, Sonance, Sony, SpeakerCraft, Synergistic Research, Toshiba, Ultralink, Universal Remote, Xantech, Yamaha, & more...


    5140-C Commerce Avenue Moorpark, CA 93021
    Tel: 805-523-3005, Fax: 805-531-0004
    M-F 12-6, SAT 11-6

    Accuphase, Air Tight, Angstrom, Aronov, Artemis, Audioquest, Basis, Benz, Cardas, Citation, Da-Lite, Day Sequerra, Goldmund, Graham, Gryphon, Hales, Immedia, Jadis, Linaeum, Magnan Cables, FMS Cables, Michael Yee, Mirage, Musical Design, NBS Cables, NHT, Purist Audio, Stax, Denon, Stewart Screens, Sumiko, TEAC Esoteric, Toshiba, Ultra Resolution, Wadia, Zoethecus.


    8811 research Drive, Irvine Ca, 92618
    Tel: 949-296-0920, Fax: 949-296-0926

    Services: Telephone and Intercom, Distributed music, Residential Audio/Video, Dedicated Home Theater, Lighting Control, Residential Integration/Home Automation, Commercial Audio/Video and Commercial Integration.

    Vantage, Amx, Bryston, Faroudja, PMC, Sony, Panasonic, B&W, Audio Request, Stewart, Rotel, Rockoustics, Speakercraft, Ustec and Zoethecus.



    8101 Orion Avenue, Unit 8 Van Nuys, CA 91406
    Tel: 818-786-4240, Fax: 818-786-4521

    Specializing in service of audio and home theater equipment; pick-up and delivery service available; all service conducted on premises.


    6201 Topanga Canyon Boulevard Woodland Hills, CA 91367
    Tel: 818-716-8500, 310-451-0040
    M-F: 10am-7pm
    Sat: 10am-6pm
    Sun: 11:30AM-5:30pm


    Arcam, B&K, epos, Fortress, Fujitsu, Furman, Grado, Kimber, Last, Lexicon, Linn, Magnepan, Magnum Dynalab, Marantz, McIntosh, Middle Atlantic, Mitsubishi, Nitty Gritty, NuVision, Panamax, Paradigm, Project, Rega, Rel, Runco, Salamander, Sennheiser, Snell Acoustics, Sonance, Sonus Faber, Stereostone, Stewart Filmscreen, Straightwire, Sumiko, Thorens, Transparent, Vienna Acoustic, Xantech, Yamaha.


    606-A Venice Blvd, Venice CA 90291
    Tel: 310 306 2262, 310 306 0224
    E-Mail: (james gregan)
    Wed-Sun, 10-7

    Atmasphere, EAR, Kora, Blue Circle, Coda, Bryston, Air Tight, Accuphase, Hovland, Rega, YBA, Audio Refinement, Creek, Wright Sound, Altec, Creek, Epos, Merlin, Spendor, JMLab, ATC, Harbeth, Apogee Electronics, Solid Tube/Birdland, Impact, Rogue Audio, Pink Triangle, VPI, Roksan, Electrocompaniet, Aloia, Acrotec, Atlantis, Sound Anchor, Goldring and various interconnect/wire brands.


    9278 Civic Center Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    Tel: 310-274-6951
    Tu-Sat 11-5:30

    Bang & Olufsen, B&W, Klipsch, Mitsubishi, and Yamaha.

    SOUND COMPANY - Store 1

    3675 Sports Arena Boulevard San Diego, CA 92110
    Tel: 619-224-2844, Fax: 619-224-8553
    M-F 10:30-9; Sat 10-6; Sun 11-6

    Audio Control, B&W, Bang & Olufsen, Bell'Oggetti, Beyer, Definitive Technology, Grado, Kimber Kable, McIntosh, May Audio, Maxell, NAD, Nakamichi, Niles Audio, Paradigm, Phoenix Gold, Pioneer, Pivotelli, Proton, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Sumo, TDK, Thorens, Velodyne, Vidikron, and Yamaha.

    Services - custom installation; free delivery in San Diego.

    SOUND COMPANY - Store 2

    767 Center Drive San Marcos, CA 92069
    Tel: 619-489-1603
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    Audio Control, B&W, Bang & Olufsen, Bell'Oggetti, Beyer, Definitive Technology, Grado, Kimber Kable, McIntosh, May Audio, Maxell, NAD, Nakamichi, Niles Audio, Paradigm, Phoenix Gold, Pioneer, Pivotelli, Proton, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Sumo, TDK, Thorens, Velodyne, Vidikron, and Yamaha.

    Services - custom installation; free delivery in San Diego.


    13907 Ventura Blvd., Suite 103, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
    Tel: 818-243-8334, Fax: 818-243-7668

    Acoustic Innovations, Bryston, Chief, Channel Plus, Extron Electronics, Faroudja, Fujitsu, Furman, InFocus, James Loudspeaker, Krell, Lexicon, Marantz, Middle Atlantic Products, NEC, Philips, QSC, Rane, ReQuest, Sharp, Sonance, Sound Advance, Stewart, SpeakerCraft, Tannoy, Velodyne, and Yamaha.



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    Acurus, Aragon, Audio Research, Dodson, Linn, Magnepan, Mark Levinson, Martin-Logan, McCormack, Mirage, Meridian, Quad, Pass, Rotel, Thiel, Wilson Audio, Wadia, MIT and Theta.

    Services - service of all consumer electronics--tube and solid state; some modification services available.


    22926 Hawthorne Boulevard Torrance, CA 90505
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    AKG, Angstrom, Apature, Chaparral, Denon, Fosgate-Audionics, Jamo, Kirksaeter, Klipsch, M&K, McIntosh, Monster Cable, Nakamichi, Niles Audio, Panamax, RCA, RBH, Russound, Signet, Sony, Thorens, Wineguard, XBR.

    Services - free delivery and hook-up of most major purchases; custom installation; one-year loudspeaker exhange/trade up protection plan; repair; home service calls.


    3191 Sports Arena Boulevard Scandia Plaza San Diego, CA 92110
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    Audio Alchemy, Balanced Audio Technology, B&K Components, California Audio Labs, Conrad-Johnson, Dunlavy, EAD, Graham Engineering, Jolida, Marantz, Runco, SOTA, Totem Acoustic, and VPI.

    Services: Custom installation.


    The Pacific Design Center 8687 Melrose Avenue, Suite B-120 Los Angeles, CA 90069
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    M-W 10-5; Th 10-7; F 10-5

    Atlas/Soundolier, B&K Components, Bang & Olufsen, Beyer Dynamic, Canton, Celestion, Channel Plus, Direct TV, Draper, Lexicon, Marantz, Mitsubishi, Monter Cable, Niles Audio, Omnimount, Rockustics, Sonance, Snell THX, Sony ES, Sony Trinitron, SBR & Pro Video, Stewart, Terk, USSB, Vantage Point, Velodyne, Xantech, and Yamaha.

    Services - system design, consultation, and installation (licensed, bonded and insured under License No. 602556).


    LG Electronics, Samsung, Denon, Yamaha, Sunfire, Gefen, Straight Wire, Pioneer, JVC, Proficient, Angstrom Loudspeakers, Benq, Clark Synthesis, Universal Remotes, Energy Speaker Systems, Furman, Jamo, KEF, Mirage, Amplifier Technologies, Da-Lite, Harmony Remotes, Earthquake, Infinity, Mordaunt-Short, Xantech, MTX, Russound, Sharp, Optoma, Viewsonic, Toshiba, Ultralink, Philips, Panamax, and more.

    Our Services include: Home theater design and installation, whole house audio/control systems, one-touch home automation, flat panel installation, in ceiling/wall speaker installation, video/audio calibration, outdoor music systems, residential and commercial.

    Placentia, CA
    Tel: (714) 470-2952




    Exclusive sales and installation of the Yamaha MusicCast wireless system.
    Expert audiophile listening consultation
    Custom design of audiophile loudspeakers.

    We also carry and install:
    PrimeTek Rock Speakers
    DaneWave in wall speakers
    All Yamaha high end audio/video, including plasma and projection screen products
    AudioVector audiophile speakers
    SurfSideSound professional studio reference monitors
    and more...

    Call 949-389-0144
    Serving Southern California we are located in Laguna Hills and San Juan Capistrano


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    Adcom, API, Apogee, Atlantic Technology, Audible Illusions, Audiolab, Audioquest, Celestion, Clearfield, Counterpoint, Denon, Definitive Technology, Fosgate, Grado, Hitachi, Lexicon, Linaeum, Lovan, M&K, McCormack, NAD, NEAR, Paradign, Parasound, Pioneer, Premier, Rotel, Runco, Stereostone, Stewart, Stax, Sunfire, Target, Terk, Theta, Totem, Ultravision, VAC, Van den Hul, Velodyne, Vidikron, Wireworld, and XLO.


    1660 Corinth Ave. Los Angeles Ca, 90025
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    Tel: 626-296-1965
    Cell: 626-232-3304
    Web Site:

    Bryston, Krell, Opera Loudspeakers, PMC (Professional Monitor Company), Salamander, Sonos, Unico


    2649 Townsgate Road, Suite 200, Westlake Village, CA 91361

    Tel: 805-371-7686
    Web Site:

    Herron Audio, Rogue Audio, Sunfire, Bel Canto, Denon, Simaudio, Vitus Audio, Yamaha, Acoustic Zen, Audioquest, FMS, XLO/Ultralink, Harmonix, Lovan, Adona, Phillips, Samsung, JVC, Da-Lite, NEC, Infocus, Optoma, SIM2, Universal Remote Control, Focus Audio, JAMO, KEF, Mirage, Totem Acoustic, Venture Audio, iScan


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    Email: and

    Adcom, Altec Lansing, Atlantic Techonology, Audio Access, Audio Ease, B&K Components, Billy Bags, Bryston, Citation, CWD, Definitive, Dunlavy, Faroudja, JBL, Lexicon, Marantz, Mark Levinson, MIT, Mitsubishi, Monster Cable, NHT, Niles Audio, Phase Tech, Pioneer, Proceed, Runco, Sony, Spectral, Stewart, Wilson Audio

    Services - complete home theater design and installation.


    Xerocomm Audio dba Xerocomm, Inc.
    6050 Commerce Blvd., Suite 217, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
    Tel: (707) 795-0923 or (510) 836-0670, Fax: (707) 780-0244
    M-F 9-6; Sat 10-5
    Web Site:

    This site offers the audio perfectionist a cost effective alternative to the manufactured commercial HiFi audio products. We offer a wide range of amplifiers and loudspeakers with the opportunity to build a very exclusive set of audio equipment at a fraction of the cost.

    We offer kits from several manufactures that include Hawk Audio, Audio Note, OddWatt, Sander Sound Systems, ERA Audio, Tentlabs and DIY HiFi Supply. While some of the designs are complicated, such as our P-12 or L3 pre-amplifiers, in general, building our kits is easy. They all include a step-by-step manual with full support from our staff if you need our help. Also note that we offer a full guarantee on all products. Since we do offer some of the finest audio equipment in the world and realize not every audiophile enjoys kit assembly, we also offer professionally assembled and tested versions of every model on this site. This option allows you to choose your options and features like 99% Pure Silver Binding Posts, V-Caps, Vishay Z-Foil Resistors, Jensen 4 Pole Capacitors, Bybee Quantum Purifiers, Audio Note Tantilum Resistors and Capacitors or Silver Hook Up wire - just a small list of what is available. Finally, we also offer a few selected manufactured accessories and designs from Aurum Cantus, Jolida, Clear Audio, Marantz, Shanling, Sander Sound Systems, Kimber Kable and others. Please inquire or 707-795-0923 ext 7006 for more details.


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