Product Review (May 2016) - DISH Network
HopperGO - Expanded Video Storage

By Kevin Nakano

HopperDISH Network has just released the new HopperGO, a compact mobile video storage unit that allows up to five mobile devices to connect to it via the built-in WiFi hotspot. Users can stream movies that have been transferred from their Hopper DVR. The unit is designed to hold up to 100 hours of video content with its 64GB of built-in memory and can last up to four hours on the rechargeable battery. The HopperGO measures about 2.5" x 2.5" x 5/8" and weighs only 2.4 ounces.

HopperGO is compatible with the new Hopper 3, as well as DISH’s existing Hopper 2 receiver. It is priced at $99 for both new and existing DISH subscribers, and best of all, there are no monthly fees.

HopperQuick Installation
The HopperGO connects directly to your main Hopper by simply plugging it into the front USB port. Once connected, the Hopper will display a message prompting the user to use the DISH Anywhere application on your mobile device to manage the content. Dish has a support page for the HopperGO to help you get started.

HopperGOCompact Design
The new HopperGO is quite small for a device that packs such powerful capabilities. The unit can be placed in a small pocket and can last several hours on a single charge thanks to the low power dissipation. The best part is a portable phone charger can be used to keep the HopperGO fully charged, making it an ideal companion on long trips. With the large storage capacity in the HopperGO, you no longer need to worry about erasing apps, music or pictures to free up space on your device. The HopperGO can be used with any iOS or Android-powered smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Device
We tested the HopperGO with an iPad as well as an Android (Samsung S5) phone. Both devices worked flawlessly and produced excellent video quality. Here are a few screen captures from our Samsung phone using the DISH Anywhere app. The HopperGO status is displayed with information such as My Videos Space Used, Personal Space Used, and Battery Status. The user can change the SSID and password at any time providing a more secure way to connect to the HopperGO. On trips, other family members can connect to it as well.

HopperGO More HopperGO Settings HopperGO HopperGO SSID

HopperGOFront Display
The front of the HopperGO is simple with a power button and two lights (green power and white/amber status). The status light will blink when data is being transferred to the unit or if video is being played back from it.

Rear Interfaces
The back of the HopperGO has a micro USB (input) that connects to the Hopper for downloads. The other USB port (output) can be used to connect directly to your phone. When running in this mode, the WiFi hotspot feature is disabled. Video can be streamed through the USB interface allowing your phone to also connect to a standard WiFi network rather than the HopperGO. In this mode the status light turns amber.

HopperGO MovieWatching Movies
A recent study found that nearly half of smartphone owners (46 percent) and tablet owners (43 percent) use their devices as second screens while watching TV every day. It's not surprising that the HopperGO will make that a whole lot easier, especially for those who are often away.

Users (up to five) can connect their mobile devices to the HopperGO hotspot. Once connected, the DISH Anywhere app is used to navigate through and select the stored video content. Selecting More-> Transfers will give you the option to watch content stored directly on your device (My Device) or stream from the HopperGO. Launching a movie is as simple as selecting the HopperGO and selecting the movie.

The HopperGO is an amazing new product that gives DISH customers the ability to take up to 100 hours of video with them without using up valuable memory in their tablet or phone. It will likely be the best $99 you spent

- Kevin Nakano

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Review - At a Glance

DISH HopperGO™

Technical Specifications

  • Memory: 64GB
  • Recording Time: Up to 100 hours
  • WiFi Hotspot: Supports 5 devices (no internet required)
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS devices

Company Information
Echostar Satellite L.L.C.
DISH Network
9601 S. Meridian Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80112


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