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Dish Network - DishWorld IPTV
International Broadband Programming

By Kevin Nakano

Roku Media Players
Roku Media Players

Dish Network is well known for their premium satellite service, but few know about DISHWorld IPTV, a service which offers customers the best in Arabic, Bangla, Brazilian, Cantonese, Filipino, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and Vietnamese programming right to your TV or computer. This service is only offered in the USA. Dish has recently moved this streaming system to the Roku platform which is said to provide a more reliable system. The previous media player had some issues with streaming, so the move makes a lot of sense. Those who have used the Roku media player know how user-friendly and well designed this unit is. I have had a Roku for years and it is one of the most useful products in my system. In addition, the Roku has the ability to stream other content such as Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO, Pandora and many more. Three models are offered and all have the capability to stream DISHWorld international channels. The HD model supports 720p video while the XD and XS models supports 1080p video. The XS model also includes a wired ethernet port and is the unit used for this review.

DISHWorld offers a variety of channel packages showcasing sports, movies, news, children’s programs, music, cooking shows, talk shows and general entertainment. These packages are designed to ensure that you are getting the best value available for your channel selections. There are many selections within a given language, so there’s something for every member of the family.

No Commitment Required
Signing up for DISHWorld is easy, and you don’t need to have a satellite dish or a Social Security Number. There is also no commitment, so you do not have to worry about long contracts. DISHWorld is the ideal solution for apartments, since there is no need to get a satellite dish installed, and it doesn't matter where you live. All you need is a DISHWorld subscription and a Roku media player.

DISHWorld on your PCWatch on you Computer
DISHWorld customers can now watch subscription channels on up to three devices at the same time, including the newly-launched Mac or PC app. DISHWorld requires a Roku 2 for each TV and now supports PC and Mac. The first device is free. Two simultaneous devices is $10/month and three simultaneous devices is $20/month.

Roku XS Media PlayerInterfaces
The back of the Roku™ 2 XS Streaming Player features a microSD card slot, HDMI connector, A/V jack, wired ethernet and the power input jack. The supplied universal AC power adapter outputs 5.2V at 1.5 amps. There is also a reset button that can be used if the streaming player ever hangs up and becomes unresponsive. The unit has both analog and digital video interfaces and will connect to virtually any television except those with only an antenna input. Analog video is supported with a special cable and is only needed for those TVs lacking an HDMI interface. Naturally HDMI is the preferred interface and provides the capability to stream 1080p resolution. The unit has both wired ethernet as well as built-in WiFi. Given the choice it would make sense to go with the wired interface for better reliability, but in many cases customers do not have an ethernet cable available for this unit. This is where the WiFi would be most practical.

Roku XS RemoteRemote
The Roku™ 2 XS remote is a step up from the standard remote that is included with the HD and XD models. This latest RF design does not require line-of-sight (like IR remotes) and includes a Bluetooth link that supports gaming capabilities with a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope that together offer precise motion sensing. When using it with the game Angry Birds, it has a similar feel to a Wii remote with movement tracking. It works well and allows for a whole different level of usability.

When we first installed the Roku™ 2 XS and configured the system, it asked to update the Bluetooth remote. We were surprised that the remote could be updated and found this to be an attractive feature for future capabilities. The remote is a
fully functional design for accessing and controlling the video content and operates on a pair of standard and easily replaceable "AA" batteries. The buttons on the remote are large, but there is no backlighting.

The Home button on the top of the remote takes the user to the main menu. Navigation buttons and an OK button are used to control the menu system. The bottom three buttons (play/pause, forward and backwards) control playback of video. There are three forward speeds and three backward speeds. The two dedicated game buttons (labeled A and B) allow Roku game developers to custom program these to do things like fire a rocket or accelerate a moving vehicle. The Instant Replay, Back and Options buttons were introduced last year. Currently, Pandora, Netflix and the Facebook app make good use of the Option button.

Setting It Up
DISH's IPTV is one of the easiest systems to order and install. Once your order is completed online, your set top box will be shipped directly to your residence with setup instructions. Simply plug it into your television, attach the power adapter and configure the wireless interface if the wired ethernet is not used. Select the DISHWorld channel and your programming will be available. Our review unit included all the available channels for evaluation.

Language Pricing
Arabic $4.99 - $39.99
Bangla $14.99 - $19.99
Brazilian $14.99 - $34.99
Cantonese $34.99
Filipino $19.99
Hindi $14.99 - $44.99
Tamil $4.99 - $44.99
Telugu $4.99 - $34.99
Urdu $14.99 - $24.99
Vietnamese $14.99

Channel Lineup
The Dish IPTV box has several packages available to subscribers depending on the type of international programming desired. Dish provides a lot of choices when it comes to the level of programming. With the 10 different languages available, customers can choose from relatively inexpensive packages to the more costly premium packages. The Hindi Movie Pack which provides 3 channels for $14.99 brings you the widest variety of movies available from India. The Hindi Mega Pack, which showcases 17 Indian IPTV Channels is available for $44.99/month.

The list of Arabic channels (Abu Dhabi, Al Arabiya,
Al Hayah 1, Al Hayah Cinema, Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera Sport, Al Yawm, ART America, ART Movies, Dream 2, Dubai Satellite Channel, ESC-1, Future Television, Hekayat, Murr TV, MBC, New TV, Nile Drama, OTV, Altahrir, Saudi Sport 1, Saudi Sport 2) is extensive and offers everything from a single IQRAA TV channel for $4.99 and a full set of 22 channels for $39.99.

New customers can try out DISHWorld today with a FREE 2 week trial by clicking here.

The DishWorld IPTV provides customers international programming without the need for a satellite subscription. It is a fantastic alternative to using cable or a satellite dish for international programming, but does require an internet connection. In fact, the internet connection is key to getting a good reliable picture. All too often poor performance is attributed to dropouts or "buffering" due to bandwidth limitations on the network connection. In general video quality is mediocre for the international programs and in some cases you will think you are watching older TV shows because of this, but the quality was largely limited by the content providers and not necessarily the IPTV system itself. If you are looking to get a la carte Hindi or Arabic channels, take a look at the cost effective solution DISHWorld has to offer. The new Roku platform is terrific and adds real value to the content available to customers especially for those wanting to watch high definition material outside of the DISHWorld content.

- Kevin Nakano

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Dish Network - IPTV International Set Top Box


Dish Network IPTV brings you the best Arabic, Bangla, Brazilian, Cantonese, Filipino, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and Vietnamese TV line ups in America, now available via broadband on your TV. Connect today and come home to where your heart has always been, using your existing internet connection!

Here for more information on our packages. They include the following as of this writing.

  • Arabic - An extensive offering of Arabic channels including MBC, Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera.
  • Bangla - Popular channels from Bangladesh including ATN Bangla, Channel I, ETV Bangla and NTV Bangla.
  • Brazilian - TV Globo Internacional and PFC, showcasing the best Brazilian television programs and soccer events.
  • Cantonese - Cantonese channels TVB1, TVB 2 and TVBe, and two Mandarin channels TVBS and CCTV 4. Same day broadcast from Hong Kong.
  • Filipino - 24/7 programs from Aksyon TV and Kapatid TV5.
  • Hindi - Market-leading Hindi channels including aapka Colors, Sony, SET Max, Star Plus, Zee TV, B4U and Aaj Tak.
  • Tamil - Mind-boggling choices in Tamil-language programming, including movies, both nostalgia-inducing classics and newer blockbusters available on channels like SUN TV, Jaya TV and Vijay International.
  • Telugu - A wide variety of Telugu programming including Gemini TV, Gemini Movies, ETV Telugu and Maa TV.
  • Urdu - Pakistan’s most popular television channels including GEO TV, ARY Digital and Hum TV.
  • Vietnamese - TVB Vietnam is the 24/7 hour Vietnamese channel and offers Vietnamese-dubbed dramas.

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