Product Review (July 2016)
Vitesse - Optical Gaming Mouse

By Richie Ioki

Feenix Vitesse - Optical Gaming MouseThe Vitesse is a barebones gaming mouse.  At $59 dollars it is priced into the super competitive mid-range gaming mouse market.  But going head to head with giants like the Razer's Deathadder Chroma, Steeleseries' Rival 300, and Roccat's Kone Pure is quite the challenge.  Let's find out if the Vitesse is a giant killer or just a pretender.

The Vitesse is 4.5” long and 2.5” wide.  This makes it a about average for most gaming mice.  There are 4 buttons on the mouse and a scroll wheel.  Two of the buttons are directly behind the scroll wheel and the other are on the left side.  The mouse features a pretty standard ergonomic form factor and is not setup to be ambidextrous.  It weighs in at 90g, has an Avago 3310 optical sensor, and features a 1.55m rubber cable.  It has a max DPI of 5000 and on the fly adjustments.  There is an LED on the back with the Feenix logo and another LED on the left side to indicate which DPI setting you are on.  The more technical specifications like polling rate, response time, fps, and ips can all be found on Feenix's website, but are all pretty standard for gaming mice.

Drivers and DPI
Something that I find both cool and really annoying about most modern gaming mice is the amount of setup you have to do to get the most out of a specific mouse.  The annoying part is having to install the drivers and then software on top of the driver to customize the mouse.  The cool part is setting up things like custom macros, profiles, or lighting effects.

Feenix skipped all of this and went with a driverless/softwareless mouse.  I can see this as both a positive and a negative.  The downside is that there is basically no customization.  You can't change the LED colors, DPI settings, or setup different profiles through some fancy application.  The upside is that the mouse is purely just plug and play.  Assuming you have the same windows sensitivity the mouse will perform the same no matter what computer you are on, making this mouse ideal for on-the-go gamers who might play on several different systems.  There might not be complete DPI control, but the DPI can be adjusted to preset levels via buttons.  400, 800, 1800, 3200, and 5000 DPI are available.  Despite being in the middle of the mouse and not being the smallest DPI buttons I've ever seen, I didn't find myself accidentally switching DPI.  This is because the buttons are pretty stiff and they are also raised.

Ultimately this comes down to a personal preference thing.  Outside of testing, I don't make use of most mouse customization features and so I found it really refreshing to test a product that I could just plug in and go.  I also really liked not having to rate their software as part of a review for a gaming mouse.  However if you are gamer who loves to set up macros and customize everything about your mouse then I can see this as a pretty big blow.

Feenix Vitesse - Optical Gaming MouseFeel
At 90g the Vitesse is really lightweight.  Gamers who prefer a heavier mouse will probably find this mouse much too light.  Despite its weight the mouse has a quality feel.  The pickup distance is very good and there wasn't any ghost movement.  Clicking has a nice tactile feel and there isn't a lot of travel distance for activation.  After a week of use all the buttons and scroll wheel are still working just fine.  As mentioned before, the mouse is relatively small so if you have larger hands this mouse might not be the most comfortable.  Essentially the Vitesse is very good at being a mouse.

The Vitesse is the same plastic all the way around the base of the mouse.  It doesn't have any rubberization or coating.  I've personally found that rubberizing the sides, like on the Deathadder, helps for pickup and movement.  The lack of texture didn't cause any problems for me, but it did feel weird not having that extra little grip.  An actual problem I ran into is the location of the DPI LED.  Depending on your hand position you won't be able to see what DPI setting you are at without moving your hand off the mouse.  With where I place my thumb the LED was completely covered.

Feenix's Vitesse is a hard mouse for me to review. I personally really like it and have had a great time using it. But at the super competitive mid-range price point just being a good mouse isn't good enough. It needs something special to stand out in the crowded market place. The Vitesse's standout feature is essentially it's intentional lack of features. Feenix has tried to go in the opposite direction of everyone and provide a stripped down mouse. I honestly don't think this has worked because charging a premium price for something that has less features doesn't seem to work in my mind. It works for cars because stripped down versions of cars usually go faster. Giving up extras for performance is acceptable. But the Vitesse doesn't preform "better" than any of the other mice in it's class, costs just as much, and has less features. Ultimately I can't knock Feenix completely for the missing features because what they ultimately built is a very good mouse. But a mouse that isn't really a good value. That said, I do like this mouse and it is definitely a contender for being my main gaming mouse, but that is because I don't really like to customize my gaming gear.

- Richie Ioki

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Review - At a Glance

Vitesse - Optical Gaming Mouse

Features and Specs

  • Standard size gaming mouse
  • Sensor: Avago 3310
  • Sensor type: optical
  • Form factor: ergonomic
  • Approx Size: L:4.5", W: 2.5", H: 1.5"
  • Weight: 90g (not including cable)
  • Cable length: 1.55m
  • On the fly DPI adjustments
  • Max DPI: 5000
  • DPI settings: 400, 800, 1800, 3200, 5000
  • Omron switches
  • response time: 2 ms
  • polling rate: 500Hz
  • fps: 6500
  • ips: 130
  • Cable type: rubber
  • LED indicators to display DPI
  • Gold plated USB connector
  • Case includes extra teflon feet

Company Information

Feenix LLC
700 NW Gilman Blvd #285
Issaquah, WA 98027

Source: Manufacturer Supplied
MSRP: $59


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