Product Review (December 2013)
Ideal Security
Wireless Water Detection Alarm

By Kevin Nakano

Ideal Security - Wireless Water Detection AlarmProtecting your home from water damage is easier than you might think. Water damage is
one of the most common and costly disasters a homeowner can encounter and the result can be devastating to property. A clever product from IDEAL Security called the Wireless Water Detection Alarm (SK-616) can provide an early warning to minimize the potential damage of a water leak. The water sensor has a suction cup for mounting and has a 6-foot extension cable. When the unit detects a water leak, a wireless signal can be sent to IDEAL's wireless telephone dialers, which can notify you with a phone call when away from home. The built-in 105 dB alarm is very loud when activated and can be switched off to a silent mode. The SK616 is easy to setup with no special wiring required. The unit comes with a 9V battery and has a low-battery warning indicator.

Testing the Wireless Water Detection Alarm is as simple as installing the battery and getting the water sensor wet to trigger the unit. The piercing alarm is loud and will certainly get your attention. A great feature of this SK616 is the ability to link to an automatic dialer (SK622), which can call you in the event of a water leak. This is ideal for those who have a vacation home or who happen to be away when a leak occurs.

The Wireless Water Detection Alarm (SK-616) is an inexpensive way to protect your home from potentially costly damage. The unit is easy to set up to start monitoring your home. It provides peace of mind for homeowners all while being affordable.

- Kevin Nakano


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Review at a glance

Ideal Security SK-616 Wireless Water Detection Alarm


  • Ideal's wireless water detector may used alone or linked to an alarm
  • Unit has built in siren if you do not wish to use with other ideal alarms
  • Great warning system to allow you to take action before water gets out of hand
  • Links to SK633, SK642 and SK632
  • Add up to 22 sensors to a SK633, SK618 or SK642 dialer

Company Information
Ideal Security Inc.
7111 Cordner
Lasalle, Quebec, Canada
H8N 2J7


Source: Manufacture Supplied
Price: $29.99

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