Product Review (March 2014)
Ideal Security - SK638
Emergency Power Failure Light

By Kevin Nakano

Ideal Security - Emergency Power Failure LightEmergency lighting during a power failure provides security and peace of mind, especially in places where power outages are a common occurrence. Ideal Security has recently introduced their new Emergency Power Failure Light (SK638), designed to provide light when you need it most - during a power failure. The unit can be mounted on the wall (mounting hardware included) or placed on a shelf. The compact design (7" x 5.8" x 2.3") with its built-in handle offers great portability and weighs just over 2 pounds (37 ounces), making it easy to carry. The SK638 has six bright 0.5W LEDs with two brightness settings. This gives users the option to double the lighting time with the lower brightness setting. The box information indicates that the high power setting (6 LEDs active) provides over 4 hours at over 120 Lumens of continuous light, while the half power mode (3 LEDs active) provides over 8 hours of continuous light. However, we found these numbers to be overly conservative, with test results much better than stated. The unit also has a night light, which is designed to provide a small amount of light during the night.

Ideal Security - Emergency Power Failure LightControls
The back of the SK638 has instructions on how to use the switch settings. The Emergency switch, which is used when power goes out, can be set to Off, Half Light or Full Light. Users will need to set this to Half Light or Full Light power for automatic emergency lighting. The Night Light setting (Off, Auto or On) controls the mode of the night light and is intended to be used when the unit is plugged in. Only one dimmed LED is illuminated in the Night Light mode. The built-in photocell on the side of the unit detects ambient light and automatically turns the night light off when background light is detected. Users can also use the SK638 for portable lighting applications such as camping. The Test button momentarily disconnects power from the unit, simulating a power outage so users can test the Emergency Light settings when the unit is installed. The 12V/200mA AC power adapter included with the unit is a universal design that can operate from 100-240 VAC.

Ideal Security - Emergency Power Failure LightReplaceable Battery
The SK638 is powered by a user-replaceable 6 volt, 4 amp-hour sealed rechargeable lead-acid battery. The battery accounts for most of the weight of the unit. The battery, which is likely to be the first component to fail after years of service, is easy to replace and available from online electronic parts stores such as Mouser or Digikey for around $12 plus shipping.

The SK638 performed as advertised and had significantly longer runtimes than what was stated on the box. The Full Light power setting illuminated for over 8 hours while only dimming slightly towards the end. The Half Light power mode lasted a good 16 hours (twice of what is stated on the box). The color temperature of the LEDs is slightly cooler than conventional lighting, but is much better than what we have seen on many LEDs used in portable lights. We like the Night Light feature and feel that this is something customers are likely to use.

The Ideal Security Emergency Power Failure Light (SK638) is a practical solution to emergency lighting needs, providing users with convenient and safe lighting in the event of a power outage. The efficient design has a powerful rechargeable battery that lasts many hours with the flexibility of running two different power modes. The compact and lightweight enclosure makes it easy to take on your next camping trip or use in your garage. We have ours installed in our storage room just in case we need emergency lighting during the next power outage.

- Kevin Nakano


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Review at a glance

Ideal Security SK-638 Emergency Power Failure Light


  • 4 HOURS of maximum illumination at full power
  • 8 HOURS of continuous illumination at half power
  • Photocell activated soft glow night light
  • Safety and convenience for your home, cottage, or business
  • Lights turn on automatically during a power failure
  • When the power goes out - don't get left in the dark!

Company Information
Ideal Security Inc.
7111 Cordner
Lasalle, Quebec, Canada
H8N 2J7


Source: Manufacture Supplied
Price: $59.99

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