Product Review (April 2013)
Mohu - The Leaf® Indoor HDTV Antenna
and Jolt Antenna Amplifier

By Laura Hamano

MohuTerrestrial or Over-The-Air (OTA) HDTV is one of the best services available to consumers simply because it is free. The Digital TV (DTV) transition was finalized back in 2009 and soon after television stations converted content to an all-digital broadcast (ATSC) that in many instances provides the best picture quality available anywhere. OTA (Over-The-Air) digital broadcasts include high definition channels and sub-channels and if you happen to live in a big city (such as Los Angeles), there are over 100 digital channels (including sub-channels) available.

Mohu LeafThe Leaf®
A company called Mohu introduced The Leaf® Indoor HDTV Antenna over a year ago to address the need of consumers wanting to take advantage of free OTA programming. The company has since rolled out additional OTA products that include the Jolt Amplifier, The Leaf Ultimate™ HDTV Antenna, and The Sky HDTV Antenna. We are reviewing the new Jolt amplifier along with their passive Leaf® Indoor HDTV Antenna. The Leaf® indoor television antenna is designed to be mounted on a wall, cabinet, window, or on any thin, flat area. The Leaf® includes a 10-foot long detachable coaxial cable which allows users to place the antenna high on a wall or close to a window for optimal reception. The antenna is white on one side and black on the other allowing it to blend into existing decor and thanks to the multidirectional reception, there are no adjustments needed. Users can also paint the surface if needed. The antenna measures 9" x 11.5" x 0.04". The base of the antenna is slightly larger to accommodate the 75-ohm F-connector for the cable. Two small holes on the top of the antenna can be used with the black/white tacks provided for mounting. Velcro is also included as a mounting option.

Mohu Jolt AmplifierMohu Jolt Amplifier
Some antennas have a difficult time dialing in weak stations, so Mohu has introduced the Jolt Amplifier, a powered antenna amplifier designed to provide up to 15 dB of gain when used with a passive antenna such as the Leaf®. The amplifier also filters unwanted RF signals that can degrade TV reception. The Jolt Amplifier is small, measuring only 2" x 1" x 0.5" and is designed to be placed in-line with your existing coaxial cable. The antenna signal is directional through the Jolt, so it is important to pay attention to the labeling on the amplifier.

The Jolt has a mini-USB port (used for power), which allows you to use a spare USB port on the back of your TV. This will power the antenna amplifier only when needed. The unit only draws about 150mA, so power demand is small. The Jolt amplifier also comes with an AC adapter should your TV not have an available USB port.

The Leaf® Indoor HDTV Antenna along with the Jolt Amplifier provides users with a quick and easy way to get free OTA broadcasts on their TV's. Installation is simple and the antenna fits nicely into flat areas that are hidden from view. We tested the system using both a Mitsubishi LT-52148 LCD TV with its built-in ATSC tuner as well as a DISH Hopper (with Sling) using the OTA dongle. We were able to receive all of the major networks here in Los Angeles and the picture quality was simply amazing. The Jolt Amplifier provided an extra boost for some of the stations. However, there were interesting differences when scanning channels with the standalone Leaf®, Leaf® with the Jolt or the rooftop antenna. The following table shows the results. We expected the Leaf® with the Jolt to receive more channels than the standalone Leaf®, but this was not the case. However, we did see an improvement in signal strength when we added the Jolt to the setup. The rooftop antenna was provided as a reference, which has a clear line-of-sight to the transmitting towers on Mount Wilson about 35 miles northeast of our location.

  Leaf® Leaf® + Jolt Rooftop
Channels Detected 126 122 162
DISH OTA Channels
Mohu Leaf Channels
Mohu Leaf+Jolt Channels
Rooftop Channels
62 73 100
Mohu Leaf Signal
Mohu Leaf+Jolt Signal
Rooftop Signal

For those not willing to (or cannot) install a full blown antenna in the attic or on the roof, Mohu has made it easy to get local stations without running lines throughout the house. The Leaf® Indoor HDTV Antenna along with the Jolt Amplifier works as advertised and we experienced the best performance when the antenna was elevated and placed near a window. You would be hard pressed to find something simpler (other than an existing rooftop antenna) with this level of performance.

- Laura Hamano

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Review System

Display: Mitsubishi LT-52148 52-inch Full HD LCD Television
Projector: Anthem LTX-500v (aka JVC DLA-HD950) 1080p LCoS Projector
Screen: Stewart Filmscreen 100" FireHawk Screen on a Luxus Deluxe ScreenWall
A/V Receiver: Denon AVR-5308CI THX-Ultra2 A/V Receiver
Amplification: Parasound HCA-2205AT THX-Ultra Five Channel Amplifier
Front Speakers: Miller & Kreisel S-150THX (L+R) and S-150AC (Center) Speakers
Rear Speakers: Miller & Kreisel SS-250 Tripole® Surround Speakers
Subwoofer: Two Miller & Kreisel MX-350THX MkII THX-Ultra Push-pull Subwoofers
Thermal Management: Active Thermal Management Cool-it II Equipment Cooler
Room Treatments: Echo Buster panels and Bass Buster towers
Set-top Box: Dish Network Hopper with Sling HDTV Satellite Receiver
Blu-ray Player: OPPO Digital BDP-105 Universal Audiophile Blu-ray Player
DVI Cable: AudioQuest DV-1 20m DVI-D Cable
HDMI Cables: Accell 45-meter UltraRun HDMI Cable
A/V Cables: Ultralink Platinum and Advanced Performance Series Cables

Review - At a Glance

Mohu - The Leaf® Indoor HDTV Antenna


  • Most popular and best rated antenna on the market
  • Made in the USA
  • The original paper-thin antenna modeled after an innovative discrete mud flap antenna designed for the US Military
  • Reversible and paintable to match décor
  • Easy to install
  • 10 ft. high performance cable included
  • Multi-directional: No "pointing" needed
  • 35 mile range
  • 1 year part and labor warranty

Mohu Leaf User's Manual

Mohu - Jolt Digital TV Antenna Amplifier


  • Improves any passive antenna.
  • One of a kind RF filtering with Mohu CleanPeak™ filter technology
  • Receive more channels
  • Decrease pixelation on unstable channels
  • Like no other amplifier on the market
  • Can replace existing amplifiers
  • USB and power cube powering options
  • Soft touch exterior
  • From the makers of the Mohu Leaf, the most popular and innovative indoor antenna on the market
  • 1 year part and labor warranty

Mohu Jolt User's Manual

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